About Us

Velvet Moose was born from a quest to acquire new learning outside of existing skill sets and comfort zones, hence e-commerce. Then a passion for elegant bags and shopping narrowed down our choices of products to elegant, classy bags that brought sophistication to everyone's image!

Everyone has a style whether you believe you are fashionable and trendy or not. Velvet Moose creates that touch of class and ultimate sophistication by bringing you elegant bags, beautifully styled bags, funky bags, timeless bags ....

The Velvet Moose name? Means nothing. Well sort of, it does. Velvet suggests elegance.

Moose are incredible creatures, they are the largest of the deer family, can look scary (like many of life's obstacles) with huge antlers growing up to 6ft  but are timid and feed on twigs and grass, mostly harmless unless provoked like all of us.

We believe we are on an incredible, fun journey  at Velvet Moose providing you with lovely bags that will leave our customers  feeling simply sophisticated.